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Colorado Land Trust Forms

Need land Colorado Land Trust Forms?  Land trusts are created by forms that are simple to, but quite different than living trust forms.  These forms are generic for Illinois and often sold as good for all 50 states.

Attorney William Bronchick’s law firm, Bronchick & Associates, PC, can prepare Colorado land trusts forms you can use as a template over and over for $395.00 (go to www.bronchicklaw.com.  We can prepare the trust agreement, deed, statement of authority and record the appropriate documents with the County clerk for just $395.  We also do land trusts in New York and Florida, which forms are not the same as Colorado or Illinois.

Note that this service is for a title holding land trust, not a conservation land trust, which is a completely different animal.

For other states, he sells a land trust kit at www.legalwiz.com/land-trust.  This kit is valid for all 50 states, except Louisiana and Tennessee, whose courts have declared land trusts invalid for those states.

There are many websites that sell generic land trust forms for use in all states, which may not be appropriate.  Colorado land trust forms are not the same as Illinois Land Trust forms.  Many states, including Colorado, have particularities that must be addressed by a licensed attorney, such as a particular form of deed, the way it is drafted, and a document specific to Colorado called a “Statement of Authority”.

If you prepared a land trust using generic Illinois land trust forms and would like William Bronchick to review the documents for compliance with Colorado law, call 303-398-7032 or go to www.bronchicklaw.com).

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