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How to Setup a Land Trust in Colorado

Want to setup a land trust in Colorado? This is a smart move because you can keep your ownership of real estate private by titling property in the name of a trust rather than an individual or LLC which is public record. A land trust is set up for each property, so that even if someone finds the owner of one property, they cannot cross-search the name in the public records to find what other properties are owned.

You can setup a land trust in Colorado in three simple steps:

1. Draft and sign a land trust agreement

2. Transfer title to real estate to the trust name

3. Record deed in county records with a document called a “statement of authority”

Also, you will need to insure the new titled owner, the trust.

A land trust agreement can be drafted by a Colorado lawyer who is versed in land trust law and Colorado real estate practices.

The law firm of Bronchick & Associates charges $497 to draft a land trust agreement and a transfer deed for the property, as well as prepare a statement of authority to be recorded with the Clerk and Recorder’s office. ┬áSome clients pay us to do all their properties, and some clients take the template and repeat it on their own.

If you have one or more properties your own (in Colorado or elsewhere) that you’d like to put in land trusts, contact our office at 303-398-7032 or go to www.bronchicklaw.com.

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