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Colorado Land Trust

What is a Colorado Land Trust?  If you are looking for a conservation type land trust, you are in the wrong place.  If you are looking for a title-holding, “Illinois type” land trust, you’ve hit the right page! A land trust is a revocable, living trust used specifically for holding title to real estate.  The […]

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How to Form a Colorado LLC as Beneficiary of Land Trust

New website informs consumers how to form a Colorado LLC as beneficiary of trust. http://www.howtoformcoloradollc.com. Using an LLC as beneficiary of trust is a very powerful combination, affording anonymity and liability protection.

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Land Trust Prevents HOA Judgments

One of the dangers of owning a property in a subdivision or condominium building is that by simply taking title to the property you are agreeing to be personally liable for the HOA dues.  This means even if you walk away from the property, the HOA can sue you personally for the debt. Using a […]

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Are Land Trusts Legal in Colorado?

Are land trusts legal in Colorado? If you are reading this because you are interested in Colorado conversation trusts, you found the wrong place.  But if you are interested in title holding real estate land trusts in Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. Land trusts, also known as “Illinois Land Trusts” are title holding […]

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Colorado Land Trust Attorneys

If you ask the typical attorney in Colorado, “What is a Land Trust?” or, “Are land trusts legal in Colorado?” you will get the long stare and a blank look.  This is because most attorneys in Colorado are not familiar with land trusts.  This is a good thing – in Illinois, where land trusts are […]

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LLC versus Land Trust for Holding Title to Colorado Property

This video by Attorney William Bronchick below explains how a rental property may be held in an LLC versus Land Trust Many people are confused about whether to hold title to property in an LLC or a land trust. This video explains which is better, an LLC versus a land trust for holding title. For […]

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Land Trust versus Living Trust – What’s the Difference

Many people wonder what’s the differences are of a land trust versus living trust. A “living trust”, by definition, is a trust created while you are alive. Living trusts can be revocable (changeable or amendable) or irrevocable. When using a living, revocable trust for avoiding probate, this popular type of trust is often referred to […]

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How to Setup a Land Trust in Colorado

Want to setup a land trust in Colorado? This is a smart move because you can keep your ownership of real estate private by titling property in the name of a trust rather than an individual or LLC which is public record. A land trust is set up for each property, so that even if […]

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Colorado Land Trust Forms

Need land Colorado Land Trust Forms?  Land trusts are created by forms that are simple to, but quite different than living trust forms.  These forms are generic for Illinois and often sold as good for all 50 states. Attorney William Bronchick’s law firm, Bronchick & Associates, PC, can prepare Colorado land trusts forms you can […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Land Trust?
    • A land trust (aka "illinois Land Trust") is a revocable, living trust used specifically to hold title to real estate.
  • What is an Illinois Land Trust?
    • Title holding land trusts started in Illinois, hence the name, "Illinois Land Trust". Also known as a title-holding land trust or a "nominee land trust".
  • Are There Other Types of Colorado Land Trusts?
    • Yes, there are conversation land trusts that have nothing to do with title-holding land trusts. You can find out more information at http://www.cclt.org.
  • Why Do I Need a Land Trust in Colorado?
    • Land trusts are used in Colorado by real estate owners to keep their ownership of real estate anonymous. Since public records are available to anyone, including lawyers, tenants, and the government, many people use land trusts in Colorado to keep their ownership hidden. For example, an ex-spouse, tenant, plaintiff lawyer or zealous city inspector might want to know what real estate you own. Titling property in a land trust rather than your own name will keep your identity from prying eyes.
  • Does a Land Trust Having Filing Requirements in Colorado?
    • No, a land trust is not an entity like an LLC or corporation, and does not file with the county, state or federal government. It does not have a tax return or tax ID number. A trust is a contract, which is only known to the parties of that contract - the trustee and the beneficiaries. This trust is not registered or recorded with any authority in Colorado.
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